Lillian McMorris is Educating, Making a Difference and Effecting Change in our Communities. Making a difference in our communities begins within.

We must volunteer, mentor, giveback and educate the people in our perspective communities as well as ourselves. The most significant changes in the world have been the result of individuals believing in themselves and making a serious commitment to educate other people and effect change based on programs currently in place or being set into action. Make an effort to “shake your community up” through your positive thoughts and your actions.  We must ‘create’ change in our communities. It does not always mean that you reinvent the wheel; there are plenty of non-profit organizations already in existence that need your tenacity, serious concern and effort.  Your commitment to be a positive force for change, educating your community and making a difference can make a world of difference; commitment is the key component.

We must take personal responsibility of our own actions, being a victim regardless of our circumstances is not the answer. “Begin within” is a key phrase and factor, begin by changing your own internal thinking patterns and attitudes.  Become more positive in your thoughts and actions and educating yourself on the programs and activities that currently make a difference in your community. The positive changes you make will be reflective in your personal actions and attitude.

By watching iTV Your RESOURCE, you will become more resourceful and educated about what is going on in your community.  I am hoping it will inspire you my listeners, watchers and readers to become more community involved and spread the word.

There are community-based programs somewhere that will assist someone, anyone, anytime.

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You too can make a difference.

Ms Lillian, Your RESOURCE

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