Focus on Elderly and Disabled Issues

Today, issues for the disabled and elderly have pretty much been in the background; yes, they come to the forefront when the right Presidential administration is in office or when activists get loud enough and laws are put in place to protect senior rights. The current demographic of “65 and older” is going to become the largest demographic in the next few years. Hopefully this will change rights for the elderly and disabled.
As society ages, a variety of issues are going to be prevalent because the population is so large. Accessibility issues are going to become more important and be more prevalent because more of society will have accessibility issues than in prior years; healthcare is increasingly going to have to address disability issues, etc.
Due to the fact that a large number of our population is ageing it is going to put a strain on the healthcare industry. The focus may turn to keeping people independent and in their homes as much as possible instead of being put into specialized institutions such as assisted care or a nursing home.
With this occurring the disabled are going to benefit by default, since laws and practices will need to be developed to help keep these older citizens active and independent and in their own homes. Many of those laws and practices will by default benefit disabled citizens since they are also seen as a “substandard” group. The disabled is a group that is often overlooked, the main focus should be on making them more independent.
Public transportation is likely to become accessible by default. There are specialized transport buses that the disabled can call, often times they are expensive and must be paid for by insurance or other specialty organizations. The insurance companies or other non-profit organization will only pay if the disabled person qualifies.
As more and more of our population becomes “disabled” simply by aging, public transportation is going to have to adjust; because as the elderly give up their licenses because they lose their ability to drive, public transportation becomes a more attractive option. This will occur only if they can utilize the accessible public transportation.
Public health care is on the minds of most every one; a large percent of the country operates without any health insurance. Our disabled population has not been traditionally able to qualify for private health insurance if they do not qualify for public health insurance programs such as Medicare. The insurance industry is one of the only situations where it is actually legal to discriminate against someone because of a disability.
As our population ages and our “disabled” population increases, indirectly, they become the largest demographic; this will insure changes in the healthcare industry. Ultimately there will be a decrease of unfair insurance practices against seniors and the disabled.
Although all of this is hypothetical, it is an interesting concept to consider. Since the population of seniors and the disabled is increasing they also become more visible. Issues will be identified and dealt with appropriately therefore becoming less of a challenge at all.

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